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"Learn how to create 1 month of Instagram content in 1 day like a pro"

One hour online workshop for coaches, dancers, trainers and educators.

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Stop procrastinating and create content that shows your UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC personality to your potential clients or employers who are searching, but can't find you!


  • Are you a coach, trainer, dancer, or educator who simply can’t find the time to create content?

  • Do you struggle to stay consistent on social media?

  • Do you wish to increase your visibility and reach more potential clients, but you have no clue what to post?

Have you answered "YES" to at least one of the questions above?

Then this WORKSHOP is exactly for YOU!



"Clear and easy steps to create more value to your social media content. Thank you!"


- Dylana

"Zuzana is patient and gives great insight on how one could become more time efficient when working with social media. Highly recommended!"

- Vivian


It is 2022, and everyone shops and looks for business online. 

This is the present and the future. The only way to survive and succeed is to adapt!


If you are not yet creating content on the FREE social media platforms we are offered thanks to this digital revolution, you may be missing out on the opportunities and paychecks you didn't even know you could get.


The question is, will you be willing to sacrifice one day each month to create content that builds clients' trust and turns followers into potential clients?



Hey, I'm Zuzana!

Content creator and educator.

Always learning, creating and sharing my knowledge with the ones who are ready to grow and improve.


Studying Photography Design for 5 years was a good base for my knowledge and skills, but working with dancers and coaches for the last 4 years (and being one myself!) taught me the biggest lessons.

This helped me to understand the potential of a professional online image we build in this online world.

I am here where I am right now THANKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA, that’s what I can tell you for sure! The people I have connected with, the opportunities I got, and the actions I took, came all from using the power of social media.

Now I want the same for you: Increase your visibility, look professional to attract the right clients, meet the right people, and increase the opportunities in your life and business.

In this workshop I will teach you all tips and tricks on how you can create one month of Instagram content in just one day, so you never get stuck again unsure about what to post.



Let me help you paint a picture of what’s really possible when you start working on your online presence:


  • Can you imagine knowing that people are happy to follow you, enjoy your content and what you have to offer?