CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Cecilia Scolaro – Responsible Design Director

I would like to introduce you Cecilia Scolaro. Cecilia leads the Responsible Design team at the Amsterdam cell for for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers.

She has been exploring the digital industry since 2005, through a variety of roles, companies and contexts. Applying Design mindset, believing in collaboration and abundance rather than control and scarcity, in value and impact beyond profit.

She is bringing her expertise and personal values together in Responsible Design, prioritising respect, equality and sustainability in the design of businesses, products and services.

Personal Business Photoshoot with Cecilia was one unforgettable artistic experience. She chose “Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam” as our main photoshoot location, where we have discovered many interesting corners, shapes and colours all under one roof.

She even took the time to show me and tell me a little bit about her favourite pieces in the museum.

I couldn’t deny the passion in her eyes when she is in her environment. It reminded me of the old times when I study at the School of Applied Arts in Slovakia and we would take a trip to a museum or an exhibition.

Cecilia even invited me to her lovely home, where we took some more photographs for her business profile. Thanks to her Italian hospitality I was served a warm Italian pasta and a cup of coffee once the work was done and got to chat with her a little bit more about her mission as a Responsible Design Director.

Her photographs are now the exact representation of who she is and what she believes in.

If you would like to learn more about Cecilia’s mission and about responsible design you can read the full article here:

“Responsibility is the new customer experience”

Connect with Cecilia on LinkedIn:

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