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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Simone Lucchesi - Fitness Trainer & technical trainer for Strong Nation

Simone is such a vibrant person who ALWAYS carries positive energy and she is not afraid to spread it. Her mood is contagious, so no wonder she is such an amazing personal trainer and teacher.

When she is not teaching she is most probably working out, as health and fitness are not only her passion but her lifestyle.

She is a licensed Strong Nation instructor since 2018 but she also teaches other group classes like Booty & Core, B.Fit+, Natural Flow, Step, Strength & Tone, Zumba, and Zumba Kids.

Simone is not only an instructor of the Strong Nation program but also STRONG TECH training other Strong Nation instructors.

She leads a regular SYNC LABS for Strong Nation community where instructors can discover their full potential and master a new Quadrant while boosting their technique and form in a live, 3-hour personalized workshop online or on location.

During our first Personal Branding Shoot, we have been focused on capturing the images that would showcase her versatility as a fitness instructor and dancer creating photographs that could be used to promote different types of group classes.

During our second shoot, we have been fully focused on creating materials that she could use to promote her new “B.U. Kickstart Challenges”.

In the B.U. Kick-Start Challenge, you will work for six weeks on a stronger, healthier and fitter body. Building and maintaining habits that contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle are central to this challenge. Why work on a “summer body” (cringe) when you can feel good about yourself all year round?

Feeling good, being proud of your body and being proud of who you are is what she stands for at B.U.! And with this challenge she wants to help you feel even stronger, fitter, tighter, healthier and above all prouder in your body and yourself! Because you are amazing! And the world deserves to know it.

If this sounds like a challenge for you go and check her website.

But before you go, let me know in the comments your thoughts about the images we have created for Simone to promote her challenge and brand.

If you are interested to book your personal branding shoot simply choose one of the packages on my website and get in touch!

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