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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Mabel Escobar - Professional Salsa Caleña dancer, dance teacher and performer

Mabel developed an endless passion for dance already when she was a child. Especially for Salsa Caleña, as she hardly identifies with this music genre and dance origin being born in her hometown of Cali in Colombia.

She considers herself a very active and positive dancer, always with a smile on her face making the people around her feel the energy that will last with them for days!

Fun fact about our photoshoot:

We were actually kicked out from the original photoshoot (outdoor) location, as it was actually private property and the security guard didn’t enjoy our presence.
But thanks to our fast actions we were able to get some epic shots before we had to leave!

And to tell the truth, these are one of my favorite shots ever.

What do you think? Was it worth getting into trouble?

Mabel has been teaching Salsa, but also other dance classes like Zumba and Twerk in Amsterdam since 2018. She has never stopped developing her Salsa skills and continues to attend Masterclasses in Cali, Colombia, or in Spain with World know dance professionals.

When she is not teaching you can find her performing on a stage, in a club, or in a video clip!

One thing is guaranteed with Mabel is always fun!

I was so happy when she reached out to have her Personal Branding Photoshoot with me, as in her industry and with so many talents her online visibility is crucial for her success.

After her branding shoot, we continued working together creating some content for her Instagram page for another 3 months coming up with different looks to show her versatility as a dancer and performer.

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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