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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Griselta Latifi - founder of Coding on Heels

Meet Griselta the founder of Coding on Heels. Griselta is advocating for women in tech and running a community of Women in Tech who are making a great impact in the community, country and the world. Bringing together women in tech who want to share knowledge and help each other grow in their career and life path.

When we came across each other on social media we had an instant connection with Griselta. So when she reached out to me a few months later to share an idea about her new project and asked me to create her personal branding photographs I was thrilled.

I felt like we understood each other very quickly, and we were both very excited about her project and our cooperation.

We had so much fun during the photoshoot with her and her beautiful sisters, which were in the town for a visit at that time.

Griselta Latifi is the pioneer behind the inspiring initiative of celebrating women in tech.

Having been in the tech industry for 11 years, she lived through many situations, setbacks and achievements.

The principle that drivers her every day is "authenticity" and, she preaches that being true to the person you are, being genuinely happy with yourself is a key lesson to success in your professional career and, thriving in your life!

After being dedicated to changing the lives of hundreds of women, she now brings a platform to reach many more.

What’s their mission?

Closing the gender gap in the tech industry and normalizing the working environments for women in tech.

To never let other women feel alone, or lack the feeling of belongingness in their work environments.

Enabling you to have a community of like-minded women who are readily available to support you at each touchpoint of life & career

Inspiring more women in tech, increasing their confidence and helping them thrive in their careers.

You can become a part of their community here.

Strong online brand presence is a key to growth, success, and building customers’ trust. Our personal branding photoshoots allow you to tell your brand story and catch the viewer’s attention. We focus on creating the images that make you who you are and what makes you unique, by showcasing your brand’s personality, vibes, and feel. Because there is no other like you, so let’s show it.

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